Friday, 10 January 2014

I think there’d be a whole bunch of United States Senators who’d have some fairly passionate things to say about the Executive Branch announcing it was making ten new states. (And one of them was PEI.)

Does Rohmer say that President Gas is a Democrat? I believe you, but I missed that part. I do know that he’s from Texas. Because the character often informs people of his likes and dislikes, and how they’re tied to the fact that he comes from Texas.

And yep, Prime Minister Porter sure knows a lot of people. Small country.

Sorry Stan, I gotta spoil this part about the terrorists, because I gotta know if it bugs anyone else:

They plant bombs along the pipeline (because they’re not being treated fairly, like Alaskans, about royalties) and then the Prime Minister says they’d better disarm them (because America has issued an ULTIMATUM, that they have to start receiving royalties, like Alaskans, about which the Prime Minister won’t say whether he does or doesn’t agree.)

PM: Sorry boys, I’m one of those leaders who flat out won’t tell anyone where I stand.


So the terrorists agree to disarm the bombs.

Because, if they go off… what? The Americans will have even more impetus to do what they’ve already said they’re going to do? But isn’t that what the terrorists want?

Then the sexy female Inuit terrorist and the Mountie set out to defuse the bombs, and the Mountie dies, because unlike a pregnant woman in snowshoes, he can’t outrun an explosion. When her terrorist boyfriend hears the sad news from the Prime Minister, with whom he pals around, his reaction is: I’m sorry about the cop, but if anything had happened to my GF, the White-Out Widow, there would have been hell to pay with my people.

They would have been mad? She’s the one who planted the bombs. That killed a cop. A cop the PM knew personally. Does that make sense? Does the PM have any feelings about it? Does it make him… chagrined?

Maybe I’ve been living in America, and dealing with Benghazi obsessives too long, but it doesn’t track.


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