Monday, 10 February 2014

A review from some unknown McGillian

So my copy of Exodus UK comes from the McGill library.  The book was taken out twice in 1981 and before that 1978.  Since they've switched over to a computerized lending system, I have no way of tracking how many times it's been taken out since 1981, but not many I'm guessing.

On page 219, in the thrilling scene where Canadian PM Joseph Roussel holds court at a cabinet meeting that breaks out into a discussion of of mass immigration, some unknown McGill student from 30+ years ago pencilled in the following comment:

"14 research brownie points for Mr. Rohmer for thy interesting but totally unnecessary collection of irrelevant statistics. They're in the middle of an international crisis and good ol' Joe starts a labour history lecture"

Whoever you are, you coulda used a blog back then.

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