Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I liked the ending of Exodus/UK, but I can see that it's a little cutsie and not really earned.  What's the trial movie where you never hear the verdict?  The Verdict?  I'll go back to beating my pet dead horse: Richard Rohmer is reinventing the wheel.  It's not about creating a cliffhanger; he really thought:  I've written two books now, where the only simulation of suspense came from a decision a character capriciously refused to make until the last second... so the reader's got to be thinking, in this one, it's either yes or no... but what if the answer was "I'll tell you later"?

It would certainly stop readers of the hardcover from spoiling it for readers of the paperback.

But who cares if Canada accepts the refugees or not?  The United States has already said that it would.  And the North Sea oil means the whole thing is moot.  Rohmer's draft has come unmoored from his outline.  If he ever wrote an outline.

I noticed, in the first chapter of Separation, that Rohmer just cuts and pastes the last chapter of Exodus/UK, except he's changed the number of crewmen who died in the plane crash.

That's a beautiful cover -- the French edition of Exodus/UK.  I thought it was a little much when Rohmer had the National Assembly vote unanimously to leave Canada.  (Those people are all alike?) Glad to see there were no hard feelings.

Also, Brian, I got a beautiful copy of Patton's Gap in the mail today.  Please thank Linda and Karl, or send me their email, so I can.

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