Thursday, 13 February 2014

I think you're on to something, Stan. The characters represent large groups of people, which is why we never saw the public at all in Ultimatum and Exxoneration. In this way, Exodus/UK is something of a breakthrough… something, because Jenny and the tens of thousand of rioting Britons are really just the Communist Party. The Parliament Hill protesters are equally uniform:
Apparently they were all French-Canadians. Shouting in French, they held signs such as, "anglais, stay home," and "Vive le Québec libre," and "Quebec out if anglais in." Nowhere was there a banner to be seen in support of letting the British in. Not one.
Yes, they're all French-Canadian, because no one else would object to the sudden influx of two million refugees. Where's our Communist Party?

Q: What are we to make of those odd bilingual signs and the fact that "Anglais" should be spelt with a capital?

And another: Where were the Israelis in all this? After all, it was their purchase of Rapiers that brought about this crisis, yet there's not a word from Israel in the entire novel.

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