Friday, 28 February 2014

There are lots of behind-the-scenes Bond stories about the rough transition from Connery to Moore.  My favorite is Moore on the set of Live and Let Die and Guy Hamilton telling him, "Okay, now you run from here to here..."  and Moore cutting him off and saying, "I don't run."  And the Hamilton says "what do you mean?" and Moore says, "I can't.  I look like an idiot when I run.  I run like a gooney bird."  And Moore shows him, and Moore ain't lying.  His posture is too good and his legs are too long, and he looks like John Cleese crossed with Ken.  Moore doesn't run in a James Bond movie until For Your Eyes Only, and that's in the dark, in the distance, and it's probably a stunt man.  And then never again.

All Jennifer Lawrence stories are adorable -- by California state law -- but one I like is where she has a deal with the director of the second Hunger Games movie to tell her if she's making an idiotic derp face when she runs, because apparently she does.

Balls! right?  And we get to turn over the counter?

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