Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fifteen things I learned about the Mafia and hitmen from reading Separation Two:

  1. The Mafia will kill anyone for money.
  2. In 1983, the Mafia's going rate for killing a prime minister of Canada was $190,000 ($413,000 today), though they'll do the job for $170,000 ($370,000 today).
  3. You can haggle with the Mafia. 
  4. No need to pay in advance, but a 5.9% downpayment is a must.
  5. The Mafia believes Abraham Lincoln was shot in the heart.
  6. Prisoners in Kingston Penitentiary are deprived of television and newspapers. 
  7. Typically, a hitman will get a 50% cut - 70% for high risk jobs.
  8. The Mafia can be forgetful - what is $170,000 one month is remembered as $180,000 the next).
  9. The Mafia is bad at math (70% of $180,000 is $126,000, not $120,000).
  10. The Mafia expects to clear $60,000 ($130,700 today) for killing a prime minister.
  11. The Mafia prefers that hits be made in crowded places.
  12. A hitman will not waste so much as a second to see if he was successful.
  13. More important than a hitman escaping is that is his gun not be left behind.
  14. Scenes of assassination attempts are not secured until several minutes after the crime, even if there is a heavy police presence.
  15. No one will notice, never mind stop, a man carrying a gun case as he leaves a building in which an assassination attempt has occurred. 

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  1. Ha! Things I learned about movie theaters in Calgary: Their projection booths are empty at all times. The movies project themselves, out of respect for oil.