Saturday, 12 April 2014

The ugliest cover by far, n'est–ce pas? But then the thing whole package pisses me off.

Separation Two? There's a Separation Two? Martha, put my dinner back in the oven, I'm off to W.H. Smith!

Note that the above indicates that the author published no book in 1977, then consider this claim:

Farley Mowat enjoyed nine straight years - The Regiment (1955) to Never Cry Wolf (1963) - and I'm far from certain that's the record.

Finally, we have this from the back cover:

How can the new and revolutionary solution be a solution if the results are in doubt? I mean, it could just as well lead to nuclear holocaust. Sure, it may work, but given that there are just two possible outcomes, one of which means certain death, why take the chance?

Thumbtacks or food court tables? Either way, they reflect an author's push to capture the American market. Didn't work. The cover is only partly to blame.

I much prefer the France amérique edition:

Couldn't even be bothered to retake the photo.


  1. A new and revolutionary solution to the power struggles between east and west! You don't think it involves natural gas, do you?

  2. Let's fly up to the Mackenzie Delta and look around. I'm sure this will help.