Monday, 12 May 2014

Mavis Gallant... Farley Mowat... Crad Kilodney... lightning strikes all around Richard Rohmer.  I'm just saying, when Alice Munro, Peggy Atwood and the Major General get together this Memorial Day, they should all take different cars.  Just for Canadian Literature's sake.


  1. The person I'm impressed with most right now is Claire Martin, who turned one hundred just last month… and she's a dynamite novelist, short story writer and memoirist.

    But Chris, Memorial Day? You've been living too long in the republic to the south, my friend. Come celebrate Victoria Day with us this coming weekend. Our Upper Canadian home is always open.

  2. This reminds me of the line in THAT SUMMER IN PARIS where Robert McAlmon, Morley Callaghan and James Joyce are in an elevator together in Paris and Joyce says " “Think what a loss to English literature if the lift falls and the three of us are killed”

    So if the Major-General, Mags and the Nobel Prize winner do get together, make sure it's on the ground floor.

    1. Joyce had a wonderful sense of humour.