Sunday, 8 June 2014

Dialogue from the Days of Letraset

"I like it, but you forgot the subtitle."
"Oh, man. Sorry. I'm sure I can fit it in."
"Good… Oh, and sales thinks we should put in something about Rohmer being a major-general."
"No problem."
"And I came up with a great pitch driving in this morning: 'Patton vs Montgomery vs Bradley & Eisenhower'. What do you think?
"Well… um, it's a bit long? Can we drop Bradley?"
"No, he's gotta be there."
"How about ''Patton vs Montgomery vs Bradley & Ike'?"
"You know, Eisenhower's nickname?"
"I know! 'Monty' instead of 'Montgomery'."
"Now, you're sure there's room for that subtitle?"


  1. "No, no, no, no, NO! What part of 'the ugliest free picture of Patton you can find' don't you understand?"

  2. "And you know what what would be great? If we could set the word "gap" with actual gaps between the letters."