Monday, 21 July 2014


Q: Remind me again. Whom is Rommel fighting, and where would he like them to end up?

“So Panzer Gruppe Hausser is kaput, finished.  And so is the last chance to throw the enemy back into the sea.” p. 70

… he had made sure his western front had disappeared with the ignominious casting of the British into the sea at Dunkirk. p. 86

 “I’ll have the British and the Americans back in the sea in a week.” p. 100

“What’s that you have?  Some brilliant new battle plan by OKW guaranteed to throw Montgomery back into the sea?” p. 125

Q.  Improve this sentence by finding a place for the words "into the sea." (Hint: The Germans are moving west.  If the Anglo-Americans were driven out of France in that direction, where should they be?)

“I have the personal mandate of my friend, the Führer, to clean up this mess in the West and throw the Anglo-Americans out of France.” p. 99

Q. Is Rohmer kidding?

“Now take me to your war room.” p. 100

Q. Does the word “manly” in his sentence actually make it more gay?

The feldmarschall gave the admiral’s knee a manly pat. p. 150

Q. Tell me something I already know.

“Yes, and we both know that as the commander of the German forces in Normandy, I must use every means available to me to prevent the enemy from making a breakthrough.”  p. 59

“I must remind you, Herr Feldmarschall, of something you know very well.  The telephone calls of the senior officers have a tendency to be monitored.” p. 76

“As I have told you, sir, I believe this war must be brought to an end immediately while we still have some leverage.” p. 79

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