Tuesday, 12 August 2014

" To her right side was Scott's boss, secretary of defense Carl Berger.  Scott had a lot of confidence in Berger, a wealthy California insurance agent.   He was a Vietnam veteran who had risen in the ranks of the army reserve to a brigadier general.  He understood the military and the Soviet threat, and he was a scrapper".  And he learned about the military and the Soviet threat by..... selling insurance?   This biographical detail is never mentioned again.

Which is the greater number:  the combined ICBMs in both the Soviet and American arsenals in, let's say 1986 (the year the book was written) or the number of times Russia is referred to as "the Motherland" in Starmageddon.

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  1. Any relation to secretary of defense Casper Weinberger, wealthy California Bechtel executive and army veteran? (With just a touch of Vietnam general Al Haig.) The insurance thing rings a bell, but I can't place it.

    Nice to know, even in the future, we'll still need insurance agents.

    Russia is the motherland, it's true. It's also much like a bear.