Thursday, 29 January 2015

And he looks straight through when you ask him how the kids are

I've got so much more to say about Caged Eagle, but dare not spoil the Shyamalanian ending for you, Chris.

You're welcome (and now owe me a second beer).

Here's something that won't spoil things. You know how I like to go on about Rohmer recycling his material? Sure you do. I've written about it herehere, and in a dozen or so posts and comments on this very blog. Well, I put it to you that this is the most egregious example thus far:

The people in The Village don't really live in the nineteenth century.

No apologies.


  1. Good grief!

    "Say something once - why say it again?". David Byrne should be editing Mr. Rohmer.

    1. I'm writing about the book I read.

      The first thing that came to mind when reading that page:

      I touch you once
      I touch you twice
      I won't let go at any price.

      Allow me to add that most bigwigs know the location of the King Edward Hotel. Most have stayed in the King Edward Hotel. Frank Boychuk, RCMP, stayed in the King Edward Hotel. Hell, I've stayed at the King Edward Hotel.

      I can attest that it is indeed central - on King Street, just east of Yonge.

  2. Our RR is not a man who likes to be edited.