Monday, 23 February 2015

Avian Imagery in Richard Rohmer’s Caged Eagle

So now I’m an old bird but still an eagle even though I’m caged in this penitentiary.

The superb new fighting machines resembled a flock of Canadian geese…

“Cor luv a duck!”

… watching over her little chick like a mother hen keeping an eye on the newest randy rooster…

… touch her fleetingly like a hummingbird…

“Silly goose!”

“… how about that beautiful chick you have with you…”

“… the rest of the turkeys on this squadron…”

“… some liaison officer turkey…”

… moving about like birds in a glassed-in aerie…

“What’s good for the gander is good for the junior gander. Right, John?”
“Right, but that depends on who’s going to get the goose of give it.”
“We’re talking about fucking, John. Not goosing.”

What a gorgeous bird.

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