Sunday, 22 March 2015

Death By Deficit: The Accounting

Q. What the Hell?

“How the hell are we going to deal with this?” p.4

“And find out where the hell the Governor of the Bank of Canada is.” p. 21

“Holy Christ, what’s going on?” p. 64

“For Christ’s sake, Richard, what is it?” p. 162

Q. Tell Me Something I Already Know

“As I told you, I’m having dinner with the Governor General.” p.4

“Quebec went public with that information last Friday, as you all know.”  p.10

“As I said, it’s a catastrophe.” p.12

“As you well know, a government may create a deficit in its annual operations – that is, a short-fall, or the amount by which its expenditures exceed its revenue – so the government must be able to borrow on the domestic and international markets an amount at least equal to the deficit in that year.”  p.12 *

“Victor, as you heard, we’ve got a crisis on our hands.” p. 26

“As I told you at dinner, I have a formal visit scheduled this week for the Northwest Territories with Nellie.” p. 59

“As I told you, your budget is the key.” p. 94

“As I told you, it’s a decision I can’t take by myself.” p. 142

“And as Weinstock has already told you, we’re working on a slash-and-burn budget.” p. 149

“As I told you, and as the world now knows, my target is a zero deficit in eighteen months.”  p. 177

“And like I told you, I’ll be goddamned if I know how you’re gonna do it.” p. 177

Q: What did the Japanese do again?

“… the Japanese pulled their Yen plug.” p. 26

“… the Japanese have pulled the rug.” p. 40

“… the Japanese… pull the rug?” p. 51

“You all know what the Japanese have done.” p. 64

“The Japanese pulled the rug today, not us!” p. 87

*The longest “as you know” in the Rohmer canon?

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