Saturday, 21 March 2015

For the cover: the PM and the Governor General.  I'm just spit ballin' here, fellas.


  1. I'm not misreading that chapter, right? They got it on. That's why his face is still flushed, hours later, after driving all the way across Ottawa. Good thing he remembered to check his hair.

  2. You know what subplot fascinated me? His daughter's upcoming birthday. Or maybe her wedding? You know you're reading a first rate Rohmer when you can't remember whether it was the still-handsome PM or the handsome chief-of-staff who was taking the meeting and watching the slideshow, and it couldn't matter less.

    1. And still I hold out hope that Joe Namath will play a key role.

  3. Rohmer must have met Namath, right? It's so random. But if they had met, how does Namath avoid turning up in Generally Speaking?

  4. And Joe Namath wasn't much of a current reference at the time the book was written, let alone the 8 years in the future it was taking place in.

    Weinstock is playing golf with Broadway Joe; the PM should have one-upped him and said he was shooting pool with Eddie Shack.