Monday, 30 March 2015

Should we trust the U.S. Federal Reserve to act in Canada's best interests?

As I started to tell you, I pulled Malling's manuscript, his W5 New Zealand manuscript, off my computer. That's the Canadian material I was referring to. It really adds a gritty flavour to what went on. There's been some criticism of the program but it's okay for our purposes.
- Abigail Black, Director of International Studies, Federal Reserve System, Washington, DC.

Emphasis mine.

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  1. Rohmer has interesting feelings about America. He loves Canada, because he's from Canada -- and hey, we've got the Queen -- but you get the feeling that if he'd been born 100 miles south he would really, really, really love the living shit out of America. So it's morally essential that the Arctic should be developed by Canadians, but they'd better get the lead out, because if they don't it will be done much, much, much better by Americans.
    The fact that Rohmer believes, or pretends to believe, that there's a national, or religious, or ethnic difference between two dollar bills is one of his most charming qualities. Keeps him young. Like five.