Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Golden Phoenix in a Week: Day Three (chapters 15-18)

Damn, three days in and I'm already falling behind.

Perfectly understandable, I think. Peter Munk's early, pre-business years having been dealt with, accounts of meetings and figures have well and truly taken over. It's E.P. Taylor all over again, and familiarity breeds contempt. The Munk children are ghosts. Wife Linda appears only when she's leaving or returning or divorcing. That said, we are treated to seven pages about Peter Munk's January 1972 skiing accident and the effect it had on his budding romance with second wife Melanie Basanquet. Rohmer's contribution to same amounts to nearly one of those seven pages, the rest is supplied by Munk and Leslie Berenyi. The chapter is titled "Melanie Basanquet", though it has just as much to do with Southern Pacific Properties Limited. You can read about Linda Joy Gutterson, the first Mrs Munk, in "The Birth of Clairtone".

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