Sunday, 8 November 2015

Golden Phoenix in a Week: Fin (chapters 28-41)

I finished Golden Phoenix last week, but thought I'd let thoughts gel before writing anything more. No such luck. Nothing is gelling because the book never gels. I'm forgetting the details because it's forgettable. And so I rely on final notes:
  • "The Munks have a coterie of rich and powerful friends."
  • George Bush and Brian Mulroney are the world's most expensive errand boys.
  • Golden Phoenix is the first of three Rohmer books to include his anecdote about George Bush almost joining the RCAF. It features twice in Generally Speaking, because a story that good bears repeating.
  • Munk credits the United States with defeating the Nazis.
  • Munk prides himself in not giving his children anything - other than lives of privilege, the occasional job and stock in Barrick Gold.

Somewhere near the end, Rohmer describes Munk as “a man who had at one time aspired to be prime minister”. Who knew? Nothing in the book indicates that he has the slightest interest in politics or public service.

In the end, I'm left wondering what it's all about. Not just making money, surely.

I'd say more, if it wasn't for this:

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