Sunday, 10 April 2016


Page 144: ultimatum
Page 204: ultimatum, ultimatum
Page 206: ultimatum, ultimatum, ultimatum
Page 208: ultimatum
Page 209: ultimatum
Page 210: ultimatum
Last Page: ultimatum, ultimatum


  1. Almost more than "twin engine Otter." Almost.

  2. Damn, it sounds good! I can only imagine the tension of those meetings.

    I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive. Double damn!

    It'll be nice to get back to reading the General's fiction. That eagle with the flag seems like an old friend. Do you think the General owns that image? Having the clip-art coat of arms identified as Russian is helpful.

    "The objective of the artwork is to make the jacket eye-catching, to make it catch the browser's roving eye."
    - How to Write a Be$t $eller, p. 115

  3. Brian, I'm glad you told me you haven't had a chance to read it. I won't say any more about the plot. Except to say that you won't be disappointed.

  4. When your copy arrives, let nothing keep you from page 52. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

  5. Vodka? Epaulettes? Ceremonial swords?

    I can't wait!

  6. Stan? Are you invigilating with a copy of Ultimatum 2 under your arm? Step away from the easily startled before you read page 151.