Saturday, 28 May 2016

How to Read a Be$t $eller

Seriously, Brian, do you want me to mail you my copy of Ultimatum 2?
Stan, do you want me to send back your copy of Raleigh on the Rocks?
With my daughter Emma attending the University of Toronto this Fall, and God as my witness, we will obtain The Building the CN Tower and The Building of the SkyDome/Rogers Center.


  1. Chris - that Raleigh on the Rocks is meant to stay in California. Please....

    I live in hope Emma will be successful - otherwise, fan fiction beckons.

  2. I'm half kidding about needing to read "The Building of the Skydome/Rogers Center." But it would be great to get a copy. I'm kidding zero about writing our own Canadian business thriller. That we've got to do.

    1. Our road to riches lies in getting a blurb from Gerry Schwartz.

  3. I'm certain that the three of you could surpass Rohmer if you made a serious attempt.