Friday, 5 January 2018

Resuming Reading Richard Rohmer

Yes, it’s 2018 and we haven’t read our last Rohmer yet. We should be ashamed. If Rohmer put in any kind of effort at all, he could write a book faster than we could read it. Herman Wouk is 102 and he published a novel last year. Rohmer is 93, a spring chicken in Wouk years. He could start pumping out thrillers again and we could end up farther back than where we were when we started.

Speaking of Herman Wouk – something only crazy people say – I wonder if Rohmer knows there’s an alternative to the bread trick for not getting drunk with Russians? It’s in War and Remembrance, page 931:

(Noble sea captain Victor “Pug” Henry is at a party in Moscow in 1943 when he runs into globetrotting war correspondent Pamela Tudsbury.)
“Seems to me,” Pug said to Pamela, “that we’ve heard that imbecile noise before. Dance?”
     “Must we?”
     “You’d rather not? Thank God.” He twined fingers in hers and led her to a small sofa. “They caught me at my white wine trick during the toasts. I had to switch back to vodka, and I’m reeling.”
The old white-wine-for-vodka trick. Second time I fell for it this war.

- CK

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