Chris Kelly lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughters. He met Stanley Whyte in the 5th grade and Brian Busby his first week at college. He's the slowest reader he knows.

Stanley Whyte lives with his wife and sons in Montreal, but spends more time in hockey arenas than at home. He's read Moby-Dick, which in no way qualifies him for what this blog is setting out to do. But it's a nice fact to have out there in public.

Brian Busby lives with his wife and daughter outside Stratford. He met Stanley Whyte the day Scary Monsters was released. He met Chris Kelly the day before he turned twenty. He has not read Moby-Dick, but he has read Harlot's Ghost.


  1. Found Patton's Gap in grandpa's collection a few years back and loved it. Great blog you guys have going.

    Any idea how to get in touch with Rohmer? I'd like to let him know that somewhere out there is another guy under 65 who enjoys his stuff.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I'm reluctant to post Richard Rohmer's contact information here, but will say that it is easily found through Canada411.

      Good on him for having a listed number. I remember decades ago discovering that Mordecai Richler had done just the same. It made me respect the man all the more.