Saturday, 11 January 2014

Chris, everything is working out just fine. I was telling Stan as much earlier today in his boys' pup tent. Besides, we've got to maintain the pace. With thirty… twenty-nine… hell, let's say it's thirty-one…  With thirty-one books and one year, we're going to have to tackle one Rohmer every eleven days. And today is the tenth.

I'm thinking we should rely on Stan for a synopsis of Ultimatum. Clearly, he has a better understanding and appreciation of the work, just as he did of Billy Budd, Sailor back in school.

I too read that headline, and credit novels with my ability to tell time.

My feeling about the sales of Richard Rohmer's political thrillers is that each sold fewer copies than the last. That said, he started from such heights. You'll read in his memoirs – 'cause that's the deal – that Ultimatum topped the Canadian bestseller lists for six months! And this was back in the days when Pierre Berton and Farley Mowat sold tens of thousands of copies in hardcover! What I'm saying is that they are out there. Sure, Rohmers may be thin on the ground in California, but like Frank G. Slaughter they still turn up in Ontario church rummage sales.

Funny, when we were hunting through thrift stores I thought it was James Gould Cuzzens and everything else.

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