Monday, 20 January 2014

I see now it's this obsession with inconsistencies that's making Exxoneration such a chore. There can be no other reason.

Two more and that's it. Promise.

In Ultimatum, we're told that Porter became prime minister in August 1980 as the result of a leadership convention (defeating poor, bumbling Otto Gunther from Newfoundland). In Exxoneration, we're told that he became prime minister in August 1980 after his party won a federal election.

In Ultimatum, we're told - but only once - that President Blank is a Democrat. In Exxoneration, he's defeated in the 1980 presidential election by a Democrat. Not the Democratic National Convention, the election.

Look for the new president's religion to play a significant role - it's mentioned a lot.

Chris: The working title of Harriet Marwood, Governess was The Whipping Boy.

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