Thursday, 23 January 2014

The issue with inconsistencies is that we always want to believe sequels or series are thought out in advance rather than after-the-fact ideas spurred by a book being a bestseller and there being pressure for a sequel.  (The big exception being George Lucas and Star Wars, as we all know he had fully plotted out all 9 movies before shooting the first one, so there were no inconsistencies along the way.  Hence everything in every movie makes perfect sense.  If you don't think so it's likely you're wrong, not George Lucas).

But as I get further into Exxoneration I do share both Brian and Chris's exasperation at this revisionist tendency.  Maybe it seemed like a cool Rashomon/Pulp Fiction trick to start the book by revamping the end of Ultimatum, but it just feels like second thoughts that "corrected"  the way the first book played out so he can take things in another direction.  

On the plus side, as the story progresses the planning and discussions of planning seem to be less prevalent.  But I am curious about getting to How to Write a Bestseller to see if he uses his own work as examples.  I look forward to discussions of filling your book with discussions of discussions that need to be planned.  Now that's how you move a story forward.

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