Wednesday, 29 January 2014

If we all own copies of Exodus UK I think that's the one we should do next.  Having it in paperback instead of on the iPod will shame me into reading it faster.  Because it's about 99 pages long.

When I used to take the subway to work from Brooklyn I wondered if I was seeing the same people every day, and if they wondered why it was taking me a month to read the same book.  Now I drive, and I don't think at all.

Wouldn't it be great if Rohmer kept getting better and better?  Graham Greene knew his first couple of books weren't very good -- The Man Within and two he wouldn't let anyone reprint in his lifetime. (I've never read them.  But if they're worse than The Man Within, they're pretty bad.)  Rohmer's smart...  what if the next five books are nail-biting edge-of-your-seat page-turning super-thrillers?

And if he ever had a George Lucas twinge to go back and translate Ultimatum into English.

Speaking of Parliament and high-stakes suspense, Chrystia Freeland is on the show this Friday.  Will someone bother her afterwards and pepper her with questions about Richard Rohmer?

"The atmosphere in the green room was tense..."

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