Monday, 13 January 2014

Nope, no female lead. As for passion, surely you caught this:
At his touch, Bessie's eyes opened and looked into Sam's. She smiled at him and put her arm around him, and her legs opened in response to his pressure. It was time to make love. It was time to begin the day.
     In the hours ahead they would finish laying the last of the ten packages…
Highly explosive packages, I hasten to add.

I count just four women in the book: Bessie, the "stimulating" and "tremendously physically attractive" Deputy Premier of Nova Scotia, and two secretaries who we understand are taking everything down in shorthand or something.

Sure are a lot of men though. My favourite is Porter's doting chief executive assistant Tom Scott, but only because he reminds me of Jack Donaghy's Jonathan. And Nigel Wright.

Nice that Porter is a widower, thus avoiding all the "Honey, you won't believe the day I've had" stuff.

Q: Why isn't anyone concerned that the Premier of Nova Scotia has gone missing?

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