Monday, 6 January 2014

My faith in the library systems of our higher institutions has been restored!  I am happy to report that McGill University's library has a wealth of Rohmer books (well, 10 or so anyway) in their collections, seemingly all of them listed as being "on the shelf".  As I have access to the library, it should make it easier for me to do this.  Of course, I'm still waiting for my now-overdue omnibus to arrive via mail.  It was due Friday the 3rd - let see if there is a surprise waiting in today's mail.

EDIT: I got my package (yay!) - but no one was home to receive it, so I have to go the post office tomorrow to pick it up (boo!).  This ultimatum is turning into such a tease.


  1. You own a copy of Ulitmatum???!!! You mean the one published by Clark Irwin???!!! What does it say on the spine of the Omnibus? I NEED to know.

  2. Dundurn, the publisher of the Omnibus, appears in font about half the size of the A RICHARD ROHMER OMNIBUS, but about twice as big as the titles of the 3 books.

    What's weird about it - the font for all three books is different.

    How do the drawings and maps in Exxonertion look in the Kindle edition?

  3. Wait - I meant that the font for all three books was different in the actual book, not just on the spine.

    I guess this should be a post rather than a comment.

  4. Brian? There's some economic reason for photographing an old book rather than setting type again, right? I'm thinking of those 18th and 19th century Canadian things you did.

    The drawings and maps on the Kindle look pretty cool, except that some of them are of pipelines, and it's pretty hard to care. Thank heavens this is going to be last Rohmer book we'll have to read about pipelines!

    1. The good thing about simply scanning is that you don't have to proofread - typesetters will make mistakes and software can be unreliable. The bad thing is that you're going to be reprinting all the errors of the original. I caught a few in my copy, one being "beet" for "been". Gotta say, I'm a bit surprised. I'm, ahem, working on an Intro to an old Great War novel for the same publisher. It's been reset.

      Been, not beet.