Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Well, I've finished Ultimatum and can say, without reservation, that it is one of the three best books I've read this year. How far are you into it, Stan? Chris? More importantly, how do you think Rohmer compares to Graham Greene, Gore Vidal and Agatha Christie? Do you find it has the human drama of Airport? The staggering tension of Seven Days in May?

I ask because I noticed this a few days ago on the back of the first American edition, published in 1975 by Pocket.

Anyone have access to the New York Times online archive?


  1. We have a Times account at work. I'll bet the actual article says something like, "can you believe this thing is selling more copies than Graham Greene." That's some excellent slippery flap copy.

    1. It's the stuff of Mad. At least it was when I was a kid - every second or third issue. Never got tired of it.