Saturday, 15 February 2014

All that Mackenzie Valley stuff is there because the author just can't let pass any opportunity to argue for energy development the Richard Rohmer way. And M&S was happy to let him do it, giving no attention to the MS (hence, "the Place Ville Marie"). Besides, those seven pages provide much needed heft to a novel with no illustrations, maps, technical drawings or bar graphs.

What else we got?

  • A somewhat inaccurate summary of Exodus/UK - 3 pages
  • A word for word reprint of the final chapter of Exodus/UK - 3½ pages
  • The US/UK Memorandum of Agreement featured in Exodus/UK - 4 pages
  • Segments of the speech delivered by Gaston Belisle in Exodus/UK - 2 pages
  • The Preamble and selected Sections from the BNA Act - 1 page

I finished Separation last night. Can I say again what a prick that Jeremy Sands is. The man single-handed creates an economic crisis in his country, creates a national unity crisis in ours, and causes a near riot on Parliament Hill. Then, as he ducks out the back way, leaving Roussel to deal with the angry mob, he blames everything on "the Arabs and their OPEC friends":
So, remember the Arabs in your prayers, because you can thank them for putting that unhappy crowd on the lawn out there, for dividing your country, and for bankrupting mine.  
Oh, and he gets his knickers in a twist because the Canadian Cabinet dares meet without him.

And, yet, I have a sense we're supposed to think that Sands is a good guy, smarter that everyone in the room save one.

I'll say no more until I know where you two are. In the meantime, it won't spoil much to present the updated Richard Rohmer Body Count:
Ultimatum: 1
Exxoneration: 200 (approx.)
Exodus/UK: 18*
Separation: 5
     * 17 according to Separation


  1. Brian: "The Place Ville-Marie" is also identified as being on Dorchester Street.

    1. Not boulevard? How could I have missed that. I blame Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street.

  2. It's on page 30 of my edition - I had to look it up to be sure I hadn't been wrong all those years.