Friday, 14 February 2014

Those seven pages killed me, too.  I think I underlined 19 mentions of the Mackenzie Delta, the Mackenzie River and the Mackenzie Valley.  But I wanted to finish the whole book to make sure that it never came up again.  You know, that it wasn't foreshadowing, and the solution wasn't that Quebec buys Sunoco.  But I had the same reaction you did.  I laughed out loud.  It makes you wonder if he's a lunatic.

Earnest Young Swain
I'm so nervous about meeting your father for the first time.

Charming Young Woman
You'll be fine.

But what will we talk about?

Just ask him about the Mackenzie Delta.

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  1. More than Linus, maybe a better example would have been Sterling Hayden in Dr. Strangelove. Just replace "precious bodily fluids" with "MacKenzie Delta" and we're there.