Tuesday, 18 February 2014

As I am in the home stretch of Separation, can I ask something that has been bugging me for two books now:  why is the acceptance of 2 million Britons in one year written in stone?  Couldn't Roussel have said "well, how about 1 million over 3 years?".  Why wasn't this negotiable?

This is a follow up to Chris's point about what is real and what is needed for the sake of the plot.  I realize that the willing suspension of disbelief is necessary whether it's Richard Rohmer or John Le Carre or Frederick Forsyth, but to create these untenable conditions that can't be altered or the breakneck pacing of these books might be threatened tends to undermine the whole premise.

On the plus side, I do like the introduction of the ugly Rashida and a terrorist subplot.  It definitely provides more action and less in-depth discussions of energy exploration.

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