Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Exactly, Stan. Besides, no one knows just how many people will come through this "open-gate" policy. Two million? How about five? It's anyone's guess - that includes Jeremy Sands who, again, pulled the figure out of his ass. Hey, maybe Manchurians and Liverpudlians won't feel like settling in mid-Canada, despite it being an excellent idea "put forward by some lawyer in Toronto".

"Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan? Forget that, I'm going to New Zealand."

There's no negotiation, no backroom talk and diplomacy of any sort because it's business, not politics that interests the author. This is why we have endless handwringing over what to call CN in the event of separation, but nothing at all on the referendum campaign. Wait, was there even a campaign? Don't think its mentioned.

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