Monday, 17 February 2014

I have Separation 2, so let's get that one over with for sure.  I'm in the last third of Separation, so I shouldn't be too long getting to the party.

I keep getting interrupted by hockey.

Chris - and considering the book is dedicated to a united Canada, even more puzzling there was no mention of any sort of Anglo civil rights.  (though someone - Belisle? Lucas?  - does refer to "civil war", but not as a likely scenario, mostly to show how civilized we can be, even in crisis )

Do you think any of these were optioned for films/TV?  How far along the development trail did they get before the plug was pulled?

In the days of the CBC doing The National Dream, surely CTV would've at least considered a more sensational approach to a Canadian Content big event and made an Ultimatum MOW?


  1. Stan, Separation was a made-for-TV movie (broadcast on CTV, just as you guessed). I'll post some stuff when I get a chance.

  2. I wonder if I knew that and has suppressed that memory? Either way, where could we a copy?