Monday, 17 February 2014

Do we all own "Separation II"?  Let's do it, get it out of the way, and get on BALLS!

Something from Separation (The Beginning) before we move on:

Early on, we're told that the British people have a stiff upper lip about their closed banks, rationing, emigration and having their life's savings wiped out when the pound dissolves.  (Not to mention the fact that the whole mess is happening because some clod involved themselves in a middle east arms deal.)  That's all okay with John Bull.  Oil under the bridge.  What drives them crazy is the idea of not controlling the labour contracts for drilling in the North Sea.

This seems unlikely.  Or, at the very least, like a willful act of projection by an ultranationalist oil lawyer.

(Okay, though.  If you're watching Pokemon you accept that what every character our heroes encounter wants is Pokemon.)

Late in the book, representatives of Quebec and English Canada meet, and spend quite a lot of time talking about who will control Air Canada baggage handling in an independent Quebec.  Pages on this and the railways.  But one single line about the civil rights of English-speaking Quebecois who don't leave.  One line.  And it's along the lines of, "and there were some other subjects, too.  Now back to pensions for francophone civil servants...) I remember the rights of English-speakers in the province being a kind of a big deal at the time.  And something even Rohmer would have cared about -- at least cared enough to demagogue.  You know, it a book called Separation.

Aside from Arabs and French Canadians, does anyone do anything except for money?

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