Monday, 17 February 2014

... to the wall.

Possible witty retorts I could have used here:

1. “Balls, Q?”  “Bolos, 007"
      2. Chris – this sounds like an ultimatum – you had better be careful, if doesn’t meet the energy needs of myself or Brian we may consider seceding from the blog.
3. # 2 makes no sense at all.  That is what I am learning from Separation.

I must admit to backsliding a bit here with Separation – I am rounding the corner
and heading for the finish line, but it’s slow going as I find it definitely a
step backwards from Exodus UK.  Chris – that list of
examples of characters telling each other what they know was absolutely classic
– and a great example of why this book is turning out to be such a chore.  Too much of that kind of dialogue; too much energy talk; not enough Jessica Swift.  

But I’m up for Balls! 

Wait – can I write that in a different way?

But Brian – chronologically, what actually comes next?


  1. Aw crap, Stan. I thought you were finished. There really are some nice surprises and I hope I haven't ruined them all. BALLS! is next, chronologically. And I think it's what we should do, but I also know we'll be longing for a nice energy novel in a couple of months, when we're stuck in all the blimpish non-fiction about the deficit and the Russians.

  2. Well, Marion Thrasher had already appeared when I posted and Rashida and her plot are mentioned on the cover of my edition, so you didn't spoil anything much for me.

    Plus, anyone reading this blog probably wants to us to spoil things for them.