Monday, 17 February 2014

Take heart, Stan, Separation begins badly, gets much worse, but will end up being the best Richard Rohmer novel you've ever read. Credit goes to the whole Lady Hawk sub-plot, which you'd almost think was written by someone else.

If that seems a bit harsh, it's because I'm a bit down on Rohmer right now. Here's why:

Separation Two is nothing but Separation with a few chapters added.

No exaggeration, exxaggeration or exxaggeration UK. It's something I discovered an hour or so ago.

I know how enthusiastic Chris is for Balls!, but I suggest we tackle Separation Two with Separation fresh in our minds.

Does this say anything about Ultimatum 2?


  1. How far ahead are you reading, Brian? People get very prickly -- I'm told by the internet -- when their partners binge watch TV without them, and then pretend they haven't. Also, if I didn't tell you elsewhere, I told the charming C. Freeland that your high esteem for her included the thought she had a place in the cabinet, and she said, "We'll have to win a general election first."

    1. I'm not ahead at all. I stop my Rohmer reading at the end of each book and don't pick up the next until I know everyone else is finished. The reason I know the awful truth about Separation Two is that I'd stored somewhere in the back of my mind that Roussel was in it. Is it a sequel to Separation? Nope, just a reissue with bonus tracks. And I'm not giving it a spin until Stan is finished.

      Charming Chrystia Freeland gives a politician's answer, because that's what she is now. Me? I would've said something like, "Goodness. The head swells", inviting all sorts of trouble from Sun News Network and their dozens of viewers.