Sunday, 6 July 2014


Q: I’m looking to hire some guys who know how to parachute and fight terrorism.  I was thinking of the SAS, but are they highly trained?

“We’re also highly trained in rapeling and, of course, parachuting day or night.” p. 186

“These are first-class, highly trained people.” p. 187

“We’re a highly proficient team of anticrime and antiterrorist specialists.” p. 189

Q. What the hell?

“What I want to know,” the General opened, “is what the hell you think you’re doing, making foreign-policy judgments and giving foreign-policy opinions in front of the Foreign Relations Committee. Air defense. NORAD. The Canadian Air Force’s capability. Who the hell do you think you are to make a judgment about what they can or cannot do?” p. 179

Q. Tell me something I already know.

“… I am chairman and principal shareholder of SwissComp AG which, as you know very well, fabricates some of the most advanced computers in the world.”  p. 112

“As you know it’s worked well for the American side, but the Canadian bureaucrats are claiming they’re running a three-and-a-half-billion-dollar deficit this year.” p. 122

“It’s been getting worse every year since… You know what the numbers are.” p. 124

“I’m sure you realize, Mr. Harris,” the PM said sternly, “that what you people are doing is going to cause a tremendous strain between the United States and Canada, whether you pull it off or not.” 
p. 199

“As I told you, Tom and Mike are going to go back on Monday after they get some cash out of the bank. p. 251

Q: What is “rapeling”?

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