Thursday, 3 July 2014


Q: What nation did Canadians blame for high interest rates, unemployment and bankruptcies?

They were mad at the Americans and their high interest-rate policies that were bankrupting Canadian companies and extinguishing jobs from coast to coast. p. 67

“The editorial writers here are saying that the U.S. policies are responsible for two million people being out of work in Canada… They blame us for the high interest rates and the record number of bankruptcies.” p. 67

Q: A highly trained retired SAS officer jumps out of a plane.  What is his terminal velocity?  Bonus: How many seconds would it take to reach this velocity?

The mask would have to withstand an air force of one hundred and twenty miles per hour, the terminal velocity each man would reach during the free-fall drop.  p. 77

After leaving the aircraft, the jumper would accelerate for the first twelve seconds of the fall – about 1,480 feet – to the terminal velocity speed of one hundred and twenty miles per hour.  p. 79

Their acceleration was rapid: after twelve seconds of fall – about 1,480 feet – they were at their terminal velocity speed of one hundred and twenty miles per hour. p. 85

Q: Tell me something I already know.

“As you know, Paul, we have a fairly substantial operation right now in the States, with about thirteen banking offices in New York, California, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington.” p. 55

“As you know, I have a letter from the President, which I’ll give to the Prime Minister tomorrow.” p. 64

“I’m sure you’re aware that Kuwait has been moving out of U.S. treasury bills and short-term paper, and getting in to equity-control positions.” p. 94

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