Friday, 11 July 2014

Today in Toronto, my eldest located and purchased for her old dad a copy of Richard Rohmer's Sir John A's Crusade and Seward's Magnificent Folly.  She did this even while suffering terrible pain from an infected wisdom tooth.  And assuming that the sales person would look at her swollen face and her purchase, and assume she was some sort of sad halfwit, deformed, unfinished, sent into the world half made up.  (Rather than a beautiful and accomplished young woman with nice taste.) She did it anyway.  I'm not saying your children don't love you as much as my children love me.  I'm just putting that out there.

I also own copies of Rommel and Patton, Starmageddon and Death by Deficit.

So I see that Massacre 747 is next up, chronologically, and I have ways of getting things, but I don't have that title at hand.

What do you guys want to do?


  1. Though in extreme cases surgery is required, most women are beautiful to Richard Rohmer once they take off their glasses.

    Caveat emptor: Sir John A's Crusade and Sir John A's Crusade and Seward's Magnificent Folly are the same novel… like Rommel and Patton is Hour of the Fox and Massacre 747 is Massacre 007.

    I see Rommel and Patton is the next novel, but are we really ready to read more about Old Blood and Guts Lieutenant General George Smith Patton, Jr, our hero?

  2. That makes it feel like the task ahead of me had been cut it half.

    I'm inclined to get it over with, but I'm open.

    Of course, I have to track down a copy.