Friday, 5 September 2014

Not only will I not fight you on this, Chris, I'll kinda sorta agree. Massacre 747 has one great cover. Just look at that red foil! I'll bet that caught the browser's roving eye. But does it have to be wrong? Have the Su-15 head up, not down, and Bob's your uncle. The Black Brigade would agree. Coronet got it right with Massacre 007.

On the subject, is this the worst Rohmer cover?

No. Patton's Gap is the worst, but Red Arctic is the laziest. A bit of scribbling with a dried out marker, a logo lifted from some hockey tournament, and those blue, white and red lines from Ultimatum

Wait 'til you see the cover of Poems of Arthur Henry Ward, Jr.

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  1. That Corgi cover is stunningly good. It looks like Thunderbirds are Go! And Massacre 007 is a better title than Massacre 747, but I get the feeling the lawyer in Rohmer didn't want to cross the Bond producers in America. Kipling wrote a short story called ".007" sometime around the turn of the century. I always wondered why some sharpie didn't buy it and try to make something out of it. Come to think of it, it's about a locomotive... a train who's also a spy... someone call Dreamworks.