Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Who he?

Who is Arthur Henry Ward, Jr.?

Fair question.

Rohmer really looks to distance himself from his poetry. The copyright page lists "Arthur Henry Ward Jr. [sic]" as the copyright holder. The back cover features this faux-biography:

Here the poet is having some fun. Save modest amounts applied to his own work, the man has never been much involved in editing; lecturing you'll find in every one of his novels. Still, it needs be acknowledged that Rohmer - a pilot, major-general, lawyer, businessman, biographer, novelist and television personality - has many talents. And while I'm not so sure that I consider him a keen perceptive, earthy observer, it cannot be denied that words and thoughts such as these have seared, provocatively imprinting the mind of this reader:
although the exterminational properties of the
fusion/fission weapons of today/tomorrow have
removed irretrievably the death/injury/quasi-monopoly
of the front line soldier and force-shared
that ancient male sex-related privilege/perogative [sic]
with both close and distant women
It's poetry worthy of The Affiliate, except that it was published by one of our major houses.

The scars will remain until the day I die.

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