Sunday, 11 January 2015

Starting in...

I count fifteen errors.



  1. Well, for starters, the biogrphay of Joh.A.S. Crusade is listed under fiction. I'm sure Mr. Crusade's family would not be amused.

  2. As unaamused as I am that you can't correct typos in the comment boxes...

  3. See?

    (or should I have said "seee")

  4. One of the great drags about blogger, I'm afraid.

    On a related note, not one of the fifteen errors I see can be explained away as a typo.

    My five favourites:

    1) John A.S. Crusade, of course.
    2) The Green North: Mid-Atlantic for The Green North: Mid-Canada.
    3) Mustangs Over Normandy, which isn't a book but the subtitle used in the Patton's Gap reissue.
    4) Poems of A.H. Ward, by my count the fifth title applied to Rohmer's pseudonymous Poems.
    5) Raleigh on the Rocks, listed here as a 2002 publication, was not published until the following year. To be fair, that may have been the plan, but that doesn't explain the botched subtitle.