Sunday, 1 March 2015

Curiouser and Curiouser

Generally Speaking, p. 44.

Gator Osteen and Richard Rohmer,
No. 14 Service Flying Training School, Aylmer, Ontario,  1942


  1. Very cool. I'm not saying Caged Eagle is a perfect book, with not one word wasted, but I did wonder what the point was of making Gator an American. It was one more thing for people to explain to each other ("Then why's he in the RCAF?" "Well, it's a long story...") and it doesn't inform his character or pay off anywhere. I guess it might explain why he hasn't heard of the Tylers, Canada's most fabulous family, next to the Taylors, but no one else in Rohmer's RCAF has heard of them either.

  2. Our Rohmer fan fiction has to be built around a Rohmer character -- war hero, business-dealer, political fixer -- who does super sexy 50 Shades stuff and/or is a vampire. Or maybe the real Rohmer's plane crashed in 1944, and he switched places with Hitler.

  3. What if this guy switched places with "Rohmer" in 1944 and lived a half century of fabulous Canadian oil business adventures?

    And what if he was causing climate change on purpose? Oh baby!

    Plus being a sex vampire, natch.

  4. I'm a vampire, babe, suckin' blood from the earth
    I'm a vampire, baby, suckin' blood from the earth.
    Well, I'm a vampire, babe, sell you twenty barrels worth

  5. What I want to know - does the real life Gator know about the "tribute" paid him by Caged Eagle? Was he anything like Gator Peters? Maybe we should be tracking him down.

    All right then - taking my cue from the above, my first foray into fan fiction will concern the adventures of the poet/vampire Arthur Henry Ward, who has lived 100s of years and will be there during Sir John A' s crusade to introduce a lot of Fifty Shades ideas to Victorian England. Someone has to be responsible for the sexual ethics of the Victorian age - why shouldn't it be a vampire?

    Also - my story will start in Frobisher Bay, where the vampire will be on the ship in RED ARCTIC. This will have no connection whatsoever to Sir John A's crusade, but I'll think of something. Regardless, in the end Monty will be to blame.

    1. According to 20th Century Aviation Magazine, Gator Osteen died thirty years ago. Reading his bio, I see that he had precious little in common with Gator Peters.

  6. Oh, that's so good. The whole history of Canada, with an immortal vampire and a nazi changeling in dubious battle.

  7. Vampires! Nazis! You two are leaving out time travel. Remember, Sir John A. knows everything about the loosened sexual mores of the mid and late-twentieth century.

    And let's recognize that the Victorian women within this novel, Lady Macdonald included, are always good for a quicky. Surely, they come from the future.