Wednesday, 27 May 2015

End Play Taylor

The Gazette, 4 April 1978
The front flap to E.P. Taylor: The Biography of Edward Plunkett Taylor, in which is discussed the life of Eddie Taylor of the Ottawa Taylors, leads with a lie:

Never mind that Taylor was born the week after Victoria died - I’m sure her influence was still felt - the fib, the falsehood, the whopper, the sales pitch is found in the claim that Canadian Armed Forces General, nationally known lawyer, bestselling novelist, happy wanderer amongst the rich and powerful Richard Rohmer tells the “whole story” of E.P. Taylor.

Rohmer tells what Taylor wanted him to tell. Simple as that.

“Taylor had been dealing with a bank, which shall remain nameless… “

The Biography of Edward Plunkett Taylor, not A Biography of Edward Plunkett Taylor, is as close to an autobiography of Edward Plunkett Taylor as we'll ever get.

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