Saturday, 14 November 2015

By the Time I Get Through Phoenix

I want to salute Brian Busby for reading this book, which has stopped me like a tank trap. (I will go on, because of the human spirit.) I can detect no Rohmer in what I've read so far. This was written by a large and joyless team of business school undergrads, right? I keep getting to places where I expect the Brigadier General to at least weigh in -- how does a book with the words "Richard Rohmer" on the cover contain the word "D-Day" without an tangential exegesis on reconnaissance and the time the author met Patton, killed Rommel, and sent the pictures to Dirk Bogarde?

This is an unfair question -- because I'm getting older too -- but where's the Rohmer of Balls! and Triad?

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  1. Exactly, the man mentions Brian Mulroney without a negative word.