Monday, 1 February 2016

He'll Remember, With Advantages, What Feats He Did That Day

Now, this is more like it.  We're not out of the introduction before Rohmer tells us, again, about the night in 1978 when he totally got to wear a rear admiral's uniform, complete with the lace handkerchief stuffed up the left sleeve and (join in kids)...

"... the only alteration was to shorten the pant legs slightly."

Serious question to BB:

What's with the title?  Why "The Canada Shipwreck of HMS Raleigh"?  Is there some Canada Council rule that you get more points if the word "Canada" is in the title, even at random?  Because it looks like primitive search engine optimization in 2016.

"The Jennifer Lawrence Shipwreck of the HMS Nipslip"

What are the Master's rules on titles, again?  I'm too lazy to get How to Write a Be$t $eller down from the atti¢.

Which of us is writing the Canada wrap-up for Golden Canada Phoenix?


  1. The title? Haven't we been through that?

    Sure we have.

    See how long it's been?

    Not to suggest that the mystery is solved. Canada, Canadian… it took place in the Dominion of Newfoundland. Now you've got me wondering whether is the word "Canada" figures so much as once in the dump of 'twenties documents that make up the bulk of the book.

    All I remember about Golden Phoenix are multi-millionaires George Bush and Brian Mulroney happily doing the bidding of multi-billionaire Peter Munk. Like they were desperate for the money or something. In my mind, they were running around in short pants, but I doubt that's in the book.

  2. Golden Phoenix - a great Canada story.

    Let me try - if I can remember enough of it...

  3. Holy cow, I've been waiting for this book so long I've already used my glib first impressions!